December Vol.3

Our newest aquisition, a DJI Phantom 3 Professional will allow us to not only create beautiful aerial shots, but also creative camera movements. The drone is equipped with a 4K high definition camera.

Alexa Matute‚Äč

Christina Holloway

Jimmy P  9:09 a.m

Our State of the Art Application

Daniella Zacharias

Spend Your Mornings and Afternoons With Us

Danny Rodriguez

Video  Tutorials


South Miami Senior High 6856 sw 53 st. Miami, Florida 33155  305-666-5871

If you are interested in our program,  

Please call Rudy Diaz at:

424COBRATV (424-262-7288)

Michele Sheer

CobraTV  has an exclusive monitoring software, designed by CobraTV. Our software is able to identify specific viewers by name and monitor when those viewers are watching our newscast and when they are not. The application goes a step further in identifying if the viewer is actually on our webpage watching or if they have simply opened the stream and then gone to another tab.

Monitoring Tools

TV Tools

John Perez

State of the Art Equipment

Mr. Avila  9:10 a.m